I made prom queen!!! Kidding, I lost. My life is over. I can’t show my face at school anymore. I’m an embarrassment to my family. (Please note, this is completely sarcastic and I’m not serious in the least bit)

On a more serious note, prom was amazing. Due to the fact I’ve had to suffer through creating it, including but not limited to all 15 or so prom committee meetings and the nine hour setup it required, I couldn’t have been more proud. It was beautiful. Our NYC theme totally payed off.

Being the strong female I am, I went dateless and fucking killed it. My dress was plain and simple, just black and white. My statement accessories were just my gray hair, red lips and red nails. It was pretty rad if I do say so myself. At the beginning of prom it as substantially awkward because no one was dancing, but after a while of just me and Emma Lynch dancing others joined in.

The playlist was pretty killer although a few songs stuck out as quite shitty. But I can’t really complain. At one point Emma and I had even joined in one of the dancing circles. We were a hot mess. And I didn’t stop dancing once so I absolutely loved it.

When prom committee got called up to prepare for our appearance I went up late. I almost didn’t even go up because I was so oblivious as to what was going on. My date for prom court, the ever so cool Niall McCarthy, walked with me on his arm. And as for our entrance? We totally delivered. I had him stop on one of the top steps and encircle my waist from behind so we could prop up the Titanic pose he even screamed “I’m the King of the World!” It was so tight.

But alas, we didn’t win it. Zoe Tai and Yik did however, and they rule so I’m okay with it. It was cool enough to have been nominated. And besides, I got a rose for being in prom court so all is well.

As for after prom though my friends, that’s when the real fun happened. At one point I just completely blacked out. I was so fucking munted. Hahahah, good joke, I know.

Being construed as the lame human I am, I did not go out partying. Me and five of my friends went out for a night on the town in Boston. It was very cool and very spur of the moment.

When we were headed in we took the highway, three humans in one car, and got off at the north end. On Hanover street, I’m not entirely sure if that was actually the street or not, we got in a lil pickle. Shaelin, ever so bright Shaelin, couldn’t manage to get out of the fucking way of a FIRETRUCK. We were stuck in the middle of the god damn way. They’re lights were flashing and sirens on and she couldn’t figure out how to move her car. Hahahah, if anyone died in a fire that night, blame Shaelin.

After managed to escape that nightmare, we parked and walked over to Bona’s and then Pizzaria Regina. It was all fun and games until Sarah brought up the fact that her father, a Quincy cop, wanted her home by 12:30. It was midnight mind you. And in the midst of that tragedy, another girl I was with, Emma, had her mother calling to see where she was. She was supposed to be at her friends Maddie’s house but her mother called, and she wasn’t. And when she tried to tell her mother she was at Shaelin’s our waitress came over and said, “Alright ladies, two large cheese pizzas.” It was too good, I didn’t know shit could go so wrong like that. Those two had to leave ASAP.

So that left me, Shaelin, EWill and Emma Lynch. We finished up our pizzas and decided to head home. When trying to merge on the highway Shaelin chickened out so we missed our exit. And being the naive children we were, we saw an exit saying ‘Albany’ and assumed the worst. Emma Lynch screamed, “OH MY GOD WE’RE GOING TO ALBANY.” Little did we know we weren’t actually headed to New York but just Albany Street. We almost went on the mass pike too, we just shouldn’t have gone to Boston at night.

All in all, my night was pretty memorable. Not your typical prom night, but I loved it all the same. Till next time.


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