Car Accidents

Well friends, I’m no longer the safest driver out on the road. I got into a car accident today. Now don’t be concerned, I’m totally fine! (Physically that is, emotionally I’m a bit iffy) It was quite an experience. 

I could probably blame it on the fact that my day started off shitty, what with me waking up late and all. So I was in a tad bit of rush, not that I was being a speed demon or anything. Now I also drive a piece of trash, it’s a like a joke on wheels. I’m not kidding. This piece of shit has duct tape which legitimately holds up the front end of the car. And the passenger side window is broken, and you can’t open the driver side door from the outside. Not only this, but I have to put in fucking power steering fluid and brake fluid like every other day. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, basically my brakes won’t work without the brake fluid and the car sounds like it’s dying without power steering fluid.) 

But, anyways, back to the accident. So my sister and I were driving to school and we’re almost there when we crashed. Like I’m talking 500 more feet and we would’ve been at the high school. (In retrospect, I know now my car needed dumb fucking brake fluid.) So when the car in front of me braked, I did too, but my car just didn’t fucking brake. I just completely slammed into the back of her car. Only going what couldn’t have been more than 15 mph. Being the very anxiety prone human I am, I freaked the fuck out. I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t hold back my tears. It was bad. 

The girl I got in the accident with though was very sweet. She could tell I was an emotional wreck. There really wasn’t any damage to either car, just a mere little scratch on hers so she didn’t scream at me. (Thank God) That scratch, however, wouldn’t have been there if my front license plate wasn’t as fucked as the rest of my car. But her kindness did nothing to deter me from crying and making a fool of myself. And due to my distraught state, I couldn’t go into school. (Which I’m not complaining about, lol) 

So all in all, it was one of the most minor accidents in the world. But hey, it was pretty stressful for me, okay?! CAN I LIVE?! Geez. Kidding. Pray I never have another car accident because I’m pretty sure I’ll die of stress. 

Thank you, xoxo. 

Gossip Girl


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