Free At Last

“Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” Am I right ladies?!?! (And gents, ending with just ladies has more of a ring too it) We have finished junior year of high school. It’s amazing.

Fuck junior year though. This has been one of the worst and hardest year I’ve had to endure do far and I hated it. And to those who didn’t struggle as I and many had, fuck you guys. I get that you’re “super smart” and “going places” but I mean c’mon, stop hoarding intelligence. Give me half of what you have, you don’t need it all, you selfish pig. 

Kidding, not really, but I was a bit harsh. Shall we talk about finals??? I actually kicked ass, for the most part. Almost every subject I went in to, I went into it expecting the worst. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the worst outcome in most situations.

Spanish: I wasn’t too sure on whether or not I would do really well or just sub-par. But I managed to knock out an 87 so I’d say I did fairly well. There were definitely foggy areas in the exam but, eh, it wasn’t too bad. Hell, I even kind of studied for it. Could have I of done better?? Probably not, so let’s dwell on the average Spanish grade, ok guys?

English: What the fuck is the definition of a tragedy?!?! I still do not know, hahah. I totally know what a tragic hero was, however, so I was able to scrape by on my essay. And I have to give a huge shoutout to my girl Olivia Flynn for letting me look at her little study guide/cheat sheet/level 1 cult initiation instructions. It was insanely helpful. Everything else, for the most part, was manageable. Except for one of those fucking poems. It was such bullshit, I had no idea what the fuck was going on. But I bullshitted my way out of it. Also, from what I took from it, Hamlet; you’re a pussy. 

History: Now History was really my strong-suit. Banged out a fucking 90. That’s right, I am bragging. I do plan to rub it in. I kicked ass and I want the world to know it. How I did so well, though?? I don’t know, but, mustn’t question God’s work. 

Math: Dear god, math this year has been my ENEMY. Satan himself cursed my math course, no joke. Now, but of a confusing lil backstory, but due to my transferring of schools all throughout middle school and freshmen year, I’m in the math class the war beneath my actual grade. So instead of being in a class with juniors this year, I was in a sophmore class. And I don’t know how all you motherfuckers passed this class last year, I was so confused every day. I was pumping out solid C’s/C-‘s. So I knew that if I wanted to do well I was going to have to work my ass off. And that’s just what I did. I studied every night for a half hour since we had been given our study guide, and the night before my final exam, I studied for two hours. So when I went in the next morning, I was prepared. Not fully prepared, but you know, as prepared as I could be. And due to my hard work and dedication I managed to scramble up a 77!!! Which is a big fucking deal folks!! I worked so hard and it paid off. I improved a solid 16 points from mid-year. I’m so proud of myself.

Chemistry: (Im in this class for the ame reason I’m in my math class.) Hahahahahahahahahahaha oh my fucking gosh. Fucking chemistry. I’m embarrassed, really. But, hey, I worked so hard, I really did. I gave that exam my all, studied for hour and sti just couldn’t grasp the subject. I don’t think I can fully blame my teacher either, but, how does one get a 35 if they were supposedly taught the subject?!?!? I’m still so confused. I’m mortified, really. But there’s nothing I can do now. Good thing I’m going to go to school for writing, not science. 

All in all, I clearly learned some things, and didn’t others. (Hahaha, chemistry.)  Would I do junior over again? Hell fucking no!! Actually, maybe, but only if I was fully able to be in all junior classes. Enough dwelling in the (now) past, time to look forward to the future. We’re seniors, baby!! (Sorry, I had to. A cliche wouldn’t be a cliche of it weren’t used) Time for what will be the greatest year (in high school) of our lives! And I’m so excited to go on this  journey with all of you. 

Till next time.


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