A Mid Summer Night’s Blog

Summer: A time for those of scarily fair skin to go into hiding. And for those whose beautiful sun kissed skin to go out into the world and prosper. (We can’t all be tanned beach babes, I guess.)

So, it’s the middle of July, mid summer, and nothing much has changed in the life of Madison Shanley. My hair still won’t grow from months of damage, I’m weirdly pale and I’m still grieving the deaths of fictional characters as if they are real. Just your normal state of constant denial and refusal to accept reality. Although, I’ve been getting a tiny bit crazy in the act I hardly ever sleep and if I do, it’s more of a early morning nap. But I’ve never felt mORE ALIVE!!!

Now, being your typical teen in Massachusetts, I have, like almost all of you other losers, been to the Cape. Normally, I prefer to go the white trash capital of the world, Hampton Beach up in NH, but with my hectic schedule I haven’t made it up there yet. Hopefully I do make it up there though. Mhmhm, back on track.. the Cape! I went up to Sandwhich for a few days because my sister and her boy friend rented a place for a week. Their place, also, just so happened to be a couple of houses down from my good friend Sophia. So I got the bet of both worlds in my visit, hangin’ with friends and fam. 

The first day of my lying out on the beach, catching some rays, I managed to go from translucent to kind of, dare I say, fair! It was awesome. However, the next day, being overly confident in my new found ability to “tan”, I decided I no longer needed sunscreen. Pfft, sunscreen was for the week. The joke was on me though, as the day after that, my face was as red as Lucifer’s most fiery depth of hell. But now it just kind of looks like I have a weird skin condition. I’m an idiot, I know. You live and you learn, I guess! 

But now I’m back in the ‘Tree, and things are back to normal. My face has peeled away almost all of the horribly burnt skin, and I’ve decided to wear sunscreen now, always. However, over the past few days I’ve done the worst act conceivable, I’m currently reading three different books simultaneously. It’s awful yet beautiful. The books are The Martian, The Glass Castle and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are all fabulous reads but I’m a little confused. They all just sit beside my bed and I’ll randomly pick one up and it’s awful because I think I’m reading about a poor little girl when in reality it’s a man on Mars. Life is just so hard, especially for those of us who are super lazy.

I always forget that the summer is unbareably hot. And my mother is totally against the cost of having air conditioning in the house so I’m sweating off everything I eat everyday. It’s actually hotter in my house than it is outside, every day. We have this one like industrial fan that we all have to sit in front of to achieve any kind of cool. It’s so awesome being poor, hahah. 

Well, that’s my summer, so far. I think things can only go up from here!!! (Sarcasm)


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