The Beginning of the End

Pre-Senior year. Pre-The official start to the “Rest Of Our Lives. Pre-The Great Escape. Call it what you may, this is simply a post to reflect on the year ahead of us. Our final year of high school. Hell fuckin’ yeah!!! Am I right ladies?!

This is so exciting. Now, officially, we are three days into school. But, get real, none of this week even counts. All we’ll be doing is going over the same bullshit syllabi (I almost put syllabuses here :/) that we’ve gone over every year. And heard the same “I’m here to prepare you for college” bullshit speech. I’m boring myself with this shit already. Enough of this, time to focus on the good.

This year will be our final year at BHS. (Unless you’re failing a class, getting held back or just blowing off school. In which case, God’s speed brother, hope the off beaten path treats you well.) No longer will you have to enter the prison which this town calls a high school. After this year, you won’t have to suffer an unbearably hot classroom that reeks of those dickheads who don’t wear deodorant. Or show up five minutes late to class because, somehow, every year the freshmen take even longer to manage walking properly in the fucking halls. I mean, I get it, we were freshmen too, but like, did we really not know how to use a fucking hallway or staircase? I don’t need to pushed up against sweaty people I don’t know or bombarded in the halls by crowds of people every damn day people. Figure this the fuck out, freshmen. 

This will be the last year you’ll ever have to see all the sorry ass faces of the kids in our grade. Don’t get me wrong, a few months down the line I’ll probably like a lot of you more, but as of now, I can’t wait to never see most of you until our ten year anniversary. And even then the only reason I want to see you then is so I can hopefully receive some satisfaction from the fact that you got fat and failed miserably at everything you thought you could achieve. Kidding, kidding! (Kind of, but there are people who I hope succeed.) 

Our last year of spirit week. Our last homecoming, prom. Our last year of forced group projects with people you act like you don’t know even though you were kinda friends in elementary school. Our last year of of forced P.E. (I mean, I’m a huge fan of gym class but let’s get real. Gym isn’t doing shit to help childhood obesity. There’s no need for it to be mandatory all 4 years.) Our last assemblies. Our last home room. Our last “see you next summer”. Our last yearbook. Our last goodbye. (Kidding, that last one is purely for dramatic affect.) ((I’m a senior in high school and still can’t differentiate the difference between affect and effect, sorry.))

The last year of living in a safe haven. I, for one, could not be more stoked. I’m ready to take on the world, or so I like to think. However, I am not ready to apply to college. I don’t take rejection well. Many tears will be shed. Pray, for my sanity’s sake, that at least one time I’ll cry out of joy. A girls gotta achieve her dreams, y’know? 

So, in conclusion, I’m happy to go on another journey with you, Class of 2016. We’ve gone through a majority of our lives together and even if I’m reluctant to admit it, I’ll probably miss you. But, I don’t have to worry about doing that, for at least another 10 months. 10 months, in just 10 months, we’re gonna run shit. Trust no bitch and fuck underclass men. We are seniors, motherfucker. Let’s take this year by the vagina (tired of the word balls) and kick BHS ass. Let’s make this year our best yet. Fuck the past, this is the future. Our future. 


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