Hoco 2015

Pfft, who actually needs that queen title anyways?? Not me, losers. It’s not like losing, again, placed shame over my families name. Or that I can’t even look my papa in the eyes because I’m nothing but second place, again. Why am I not good enough for you people?! I’m an embarrassment. I’m transferring schools. 

Kidding! Even I voted Keziah for Queen, let’s get real, that bitch is the equivalent to royalty at BHS. She’s a total Queen. I was so completely stoked, and not the least bit shocked, to find out she won. I was honored to have even been nominated. So, thanks. #Lovemyfans 

Homecoming was a blast. You might’ve not thought so, but I always have way too much fun at organized dance parties. 

I hated the picture taking portion, as I usually do, but I managed to take a few. And some of them I genuinely like, but others, I found completely pointless. I don’t save pictures to my own phone typically so I feel bad that it’s usually a one sided kind of action. Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone and will take pictures with absolutely anyone, but I’ve never been one to save things like that. (Which, in the long run, I’ll definitely regret. I’ll try and tell my kids how I had a lot of friends and was nominated for Queen, yet I’ll have nothing to prove it. They’ll just think I was some loser who is trying to make myself seem cooler. And really, they won’t be that far off.) 

I forgot how seniors really help to make or break hoco and since our entire class loves to party, we didn’t really contribute much to the night. More than half of the seniors who showed up left super early into the night to go party. Which, I have nothing against, but it did kinda dampen the mood for the rest of the night. But something that small can’t destroy a night like homecoming, so we trudged on.

Quick side note, what the fuck was up with the dj?! (Also, is it dj or deejay? That’s the question, isn’t it?) He/They were awful!! Like my Nana could’ve done better. I was pissed. I mean, I never stopped dancing, but the playlist was subpar. 

When homecoming court was due to walk out, things went a bit awry. First, Keziah and I were the only ones to actually show up to where we were supposed to meet. And we awkwardly waited for everyone else for like 10 minutes. We looked like we were way too excited to find out the reveal of Queen. Like overachievers. And I, Madison Shanley, am not an overachiever. But as things just continued to get awkward, people finally started to show up. Niall, Justin and Sarah Murphy (black hair, sorry :/) showed up at them solute last minute, so that was fun. Everyone did their whole little planned entrance and it was super cute. Sarah and Nick went the tradional romantic way and did a whole little dance thing, it was adorable. Yuk and Jessie did the whip and nae-naed( I feel ridiculous saying that) as they went out, it was too good. Niall, who had the pleasure of walking both me and Emma Lynch on his arm, myself and Emma did a whole little skit.We had this comically large map of Michigan and we used it as if we were lost, trying to find where Homecoming was. It was hilarious. (To us, there’s no way anyone in the crown had any idea what we were doing. We had to of looked like morons.) Sarah Murphy and Jack Newton got a bit screwed. They were supposed to walk out to the John Cena themes song, but you know, the dj sucks. And then the queen herself, Keziah, alongside Justin, walked out and did a cute bit about fighting for attention. They rocked it. And Niall’s absolute shock at his win was by far the highlight of the night. It was awesome.

After homecoming, I was dead. Absolutely drained. Dancing nonstop for 2 or so hours really does a number on you. I swear, in the first five minutes of hoco I’d danced enough to shed five pounds. Don’t fret, though. I managed to eat my body weight in Chinese food after. 

A few of us all went over to Emma Lynch’s after the dance. (Emma and I were supposed to go in to Boston to see a midnight premier of Hocus Pocus, but our friends guilted us into hanging out. “It’s our last homecoming” and all. I just think they like to see me suffer, whatever.) It was, interesting, to say the least. Let’s just say that people had been getting a lil crazy and some a lot crazy. A lot of laughter ensued as did a bit of drama. Just your typical night of hanging out with suburban white girls, right?! 

It’s a very bittersweet feeling knowing that last night was my last homecoming. I absolutely love homecoming, and I’ll for sure miss it at BHS. But I’m glad it ended on such a good note. (Perhaps for prom we could actually vote me for Queen rather than just getting my damn hopes up?! KIDDING.  The fact that I had been nominated for something like this means far more to me than you could thi know. I’m no longer that weird emo freshmen to you guys, thanks. I love you all) I’ll miss you, Hoco 2016. Just know, Emma O’Grady, every time I typed out hoco I heard your horribly annoying voice saying it repeatedly. So thanks for ruining it for me. 😉 

Till next time. 


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