It seems as if this blog is being treated just like my diary, neglected until either major events transpire in my life and I don’t want to forget them or I become bored with the lack of major events in my life happen so I resort to looking back on my past entries and become inspire to write new ones. Now I’m not too sure how I plan on treating this whole new reinvention of my blog-thing, so bear with me for the time being. And if it bothers you that much, stop here, I’ve never been a phenomenal writer so really, it won’t get much better.

I want to say that not much has changed in my life, but it wouldn’t necessarily be the truth. I mean I am no longer a junior in high school, or in high school at all for that matter. So that’s a huge event I’d be neglecting to mention, and my mother did not raise a liar. Unless of course I’m running late to an event or obligation and you ask me if I’m on my way, I will tell you I left five minutes ago when in reality I won’t leave for another five minutes. I do not want to reflect too much on high school just yet, it’s still relatively fresh in everyone’s mind so theres no point in getting sentimental just yet. But don’t you fret, there will definitely be a post about it in the very near future. That is if I don’t neglect this blog, yet again. (I make no promises.) But let’s see, what else has changed in the life of boring old me?

Oh, well there is the obvious, I am in college now. And boy is it weird. But again, that’ll be a post for another day. This post is merely a catchup, or a sort of get to know me type thing. I’m still working at good old Marylou’s, slinging coffees and breaking hearts, come visit on Saturdays!!! What else?  What else? I’ve become one of those people who keeps lying to themselves saying that everything will work out now, which is honestly a major improvement on my mental state. Because I used to be fairly pessimistic, but this is so much more fun. I went on a little road trip with my family in January! Which was by far, one of the greatest couple of days I have experienced and will ever get to experience. So much so, that my trip will also be discussed in another post. I’m hoping that if I commit to ideas now, I won’t back out of this blog thing again.

And it is not even that I’m doing this blog, especially this specific entry because it’s utter nonsense, for you, whoever you may be, to read. Though I do appreciate it and would love feedback if you ever get around to it. It’s more so for me. Writing has always been a huge part of who I am and I absolutely love to do it, so this whole thing is just another outlet for me to express myself freely and put into words this life I have been so blessed, or cursed somedays, with having. My nana has dementia and I hope to never forget, it’s awful to see someone so stripped of who they are as a person. And perhaps with these entries, and my journal I have continuously neglected and abused since the fifth grade, thank you Rianna, I will tell the story of who I am and what I have done and what I hope to do and be. Horribly cheesy, I know, but you should hear the playlist I’m playing right now, there’s no way you couldn’t be emotional with it on.

I’m sure that’s enough rambling for now, hopefully next time I’ll have better understanding of what exactly my brain is trying to say. Doubtful, but like I said, I’m optimistic now. ‘Til next time.





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