Ripples From Pebbles

For all intents and purposes this blog was supposed to be something I regularly kept up with, but I suppose I’ve never done things textbook before so inconsistency is just ingrained in my person. Not for nothing, but I can hardly ever find the time to just sit down and write everything I want to talk about. And boy do I have stuff I want to talk about. For a pretty lame individual, I keep things interesting. But my mind is constantly off into other parts of the universe and it’s easier to ignore my thoughts than sit and hash them out. Which sort of explains why I treat this blog like a distant relative. It’s lovely being reunited every now and then but when I spend too much time away, it’s as if it never existed. Silence is most comfortable when no one acknowledges it.

There has been a significant amount of time since I’ve last written, and so much has transpired since my last post I find it hard to gather enough thoughts as to where I would like to begin. Not that any of it will make sense anyways, but it’s best to have some concept of where the fuck I will be taking this thing. I suppose I’l just write on the major plot points of my past few months, you know, the meat of it. But even then where do I begin??? I’ll probably get political at some point or another, because how can I not, I mean you’re seeing this shit too, right? But that will sort of be an overarching theme, not a single chapter type of deal. You know, like any good author would. Step aside Tennessee Williams, this obnoxious blog is the epitome of art. Shall I start with my time spent abroad in Ireland? The decision to transfer to Emerson and take a semester off? (To be fair the decision to take a semester off was not one of my own but that’s a story for another time.) Or god, the week long road trip I took this summer with Mike Lynch, Emma and Sophia to see the fucking¬†eclipse?! ¬†Though it hasn’t been all good recently, I mean, Papa passed and I’ve yet to hash that out yet. (I don’t think I’m really ready for it either, but I suppose if I don’t make myself do it soon, my feelings will fester and metamorphose into an inevitable psychological disorder to add to the list as I grow older.)

With all my time off I’ve become deeply infatuated with more movies, books, plays and tv shows. So there’s that whole aspect that will probably develop itself into many posts. I’m on a weird reality trip where I refuse to acknowledge what decade I’m in and am only delving deeper into the past of multimedias. So you can imagine the heartbreak I face when I hear someone like Lil Yachty on the radio. (I apologize if my reference is slightly outdated. It is legitimately as if I am a 65 year old woman stuck inside the body of a 19 year old girl.)

I’d probably have to address the elephant in the “room” and talk about the incredibly ostentatious path to self-righteousness and self empowerment. Because, let me be the first to break it to you, if you thought I was pretentious before, you will not be able to stand me now. I have become so immersed into my own psyche and current climate of the world now that I finally have the intelligence to contribute to the conversation. Yikes, I know. But this is who I am now.

I just have so much I need to talk about, and yet, without a doubt I will neglect this blog yet again before ever getting it all out.



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