Hoco 2015

Pfft, who actually needs that queen title anyways?? Not me, losers. It’s not like losing, again, placed shame over my families name. Or that I can’t even look my papa in the eyes because I’m nothing but second place, again. Why am I not good enough for you people?! I’m an embarrassment. I’m transferring schools.  […]

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The Beginning of the End

Pre-Senior year. Pre-The official start to the “Rest Of Our Lives. Pre-The Great Escape. Call it what you may, this is simply a post to reflect on the year ahead of us. Our final year of high school. Hell fuckin’ yeah!!! Am I right ladies?! This is so exciting. Now, officially, we are three days […]

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A Mid Summer Night’s Blog

Summer: A time for those of scarily fair skin to go into hiding. And for those whose beautiful sun kissed skin to go out into the world and prosper. (We can’t all be tanned beach babes, I guess.) So, it’s the middle of July, mid summer, and nothing much has changed in the life of […]

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Free At Last

“Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” Am I right ladies?!?! (And gents, ending with just ladies has more of a ring too it) We have finished junior year of high school. It’s amazing. Fuck junior year though. This has been one of the worst and hardest year […]

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Car Accidents

Well friends, I’m no longer the safest driver out on the road. I got into a car accident today. Now don’t be concerned, I’m totally fine! (Physically that is, emotionally I’m a bit iffy) It was quite an experience.  I could probably blame it on the fact that my day started off shitty, what with […]

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I made prom queen!!! Kidding, I lost. My life is over. I can’t show my face at school anymore. I’m an embarrassment to my family. (Please note, this is completely sarcastic and I’m not serious in the least bit) On a more serious note, prom was amazing. Due to the fact I’ve had to suffer […]

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